Associate Youth Pastor

Principle Functions:  Under the general oversight of the Pastor, the Associate/Youth Pastor is responsible to the church to faithfully and obediently proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, to engage in pastoral care ministry, and to provide leadership in all areas of church life.

Associate Pastor Responsibilities:

  • Conduct worship services; prepare and deliver sermons; lead in observance of ordination; as directed by the Pastor.

  • Work with the Church Council and other standing committees and ad-hoc teams as appropriate and attend staff, Council, and Board meetings as required, to lead the church in effective programs of prayer, evangelism, missions, discipleship, care ministry, and fellowship for those in the church and community. 

  • Visit members and non-members.

  • With the Pastor and Care Servants, hold church members accountable to church core values and adherence to core Biblical doctrine (see By-Laws Article I). The Associate/Youth Pastor shall also be held accountable for maintaining Biblical standards of morality, ethics and integrity, and for adhering to the tenets of faith by the church. The Associate/Youth Pastor shall abstain from the use of alcohol.

  • Support the church financially. (tithe/offerings)

  • Act as moderator of church business meetings and various committees at the request of the Pastor and when the Pastor is not available.

  • Cooperate with denominational leaders in matters of mutual interest and concern; participate in Jefferson Baptist Association and Missouri Baptist Convention meetings when available.

  • Faithfully attend and participate in church services and church wide activities.

  • Involve your family in the life of the church.

  • Additional responsibilities may be developed according to individual interests and giftedness.

  • Accountable directly to the Pastor.

Youth Pastor Responsibilities:

  • Lead, organize, plan and teach the youth.

  • Lead and coordinate activities for the youth.

  • Disciple youth and others in their relationship with the Lord.

  • Recruit and equip adults to work within the youth ministry. 

  • Provide retreats, conferences, camps and mission trips for the youth and others.

  • Maintain good communication with parents about all youth events and activities. 


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